Companies House Report (Quick Tip)

on Friday, 07 October 2016.

Contrary to belief Companies House do not provide credit reports or similar, at least at the time of writing this article.  However they do provide documents and summarised accounts documents for public companies such as Limited and PLC.  Companies House does not publish information for private companies such as sole traders and partnerships.

How to Check a Company for Financial Stability

on Monday, 29 August 2016.

Checking a Customer for for legitimacy and financial stability infographic.

Have an Accounts Receivables Policy

on Thursday, 12 November 2015.

By using an Accounts Receivable policy you can clarify the process and criteria.  It also means you will be treating all of your customers the same which is very powerful for customer ...

Company Credit Reports - An Essential Tool for Industrial Sector

on Monday, 18 January 2016.

Most industrial sectors are now on the up however this doesn't remove risk, if you are a manufacturing firm and your buyer goes under who pays for the goods?  It is likely the purchaser will ...

Outsource Credit Control (Quick Tip)

on Monday, 03 October 2016.

Outsourcing credit control to a third party can be a good option. It does have a number of advantages including time-saving, efficiency and it can also help minimise clashes with the customer.

Five Ways to Improve Your Business Credit Score Rating

on Saturday, 13 August 2016.

Your business credit score may seem insignificant most of the time, but if you apply for a loan or buy goods on account most companies of any size will check your company credit score.
If your credit score is too low companies may refuse to even deal with you and banks often refuse to lend money, you may also find some types of customers will also refuse to purchase from you.  So we have put together this guide on how to maintain and improve your business credit score.  This article is aimed at improving your business credit score from the ground up and the methods we talk about are ethical business practices. 

It all starts with the most important thing and that is getting in the money in that is owed to you, this may seem obvious, but it is the most important thing in this whole guide.

How To Improve Your Cash Flow

on Saturday, 14 November 2015.

The term 'cash flow' refers to the amount of cash available at any point in time in a business. A business could be making plenty of profit but have no cash in the bank.  This typically happens where you have to pay suppliers prior to being paid by customers, therefore there is a time lag in between your supplier needing payment and the cash being available to pay the supplier.

Whether you just want to improve your cash flow or you have run into cash flow problems you are definitely not alone and this article will provide you with 5 powerful tips to increase your cash flow.


3 Signs That A Company Is Going Under

on Monday, 25 April 2016.

Sometimes companies can go under without warning however more often than not there are a few tell-tale signs that you should look out for ...

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