11 Developments in Business Technology for 2018

on Saturday, 02 December 2017.

Even if you are not in the technology business, your company will be in some way impacted by the coming changes in business technology. We live in a world where advances in technology are happening all the time. It is inescapable. The landscape of the world of technology is also in constant shift and so it is imperative that your company is keeping up with these changes. With that in mind, here are some developments in technology to be looking out for in 2018 so that your company can be prepared for what is ahead. We hope you find this an informative and helpful resource.

Developments in the Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things refers to communication between physical devices with the purpose of data collection for business processes. The coming years will see developments in the way data is collected on customer product and equipment usage. This will help provide business owners with helpful information on how to develop new processes and increase revenue.

Developments in DIY Business Apps

The coming year will see advances in technology when it comes to DIY business apps. One significant change we will see is apps that improve the way businesses handle their finances. These apps will use artificial intelligence to analyze a business's finances to develop plans and procedures to increase income. These apps will eliminate the need for quarterly reports and streamline processes for entrepreneurs to make them more efficient as well as more successful in the way they conduct themselves.

Developments in Artificial Intelligence

With increasingly more advances in the area of artificial intelligence, we will be seeing new ways in which this will benefit the business world. As we are more and more able to improve the way that technology imitates human intelligence, we will begin to see new ways in which AI will provide us with greater problem solving capabilities when it comes to issues like shipping. As technology gets smarter, our businesses will increase in efficiency and productivity and free us up to focus in on other areas of business which will allow us to really maximize our potential.

Developments in Platforms

In the coming years, we will see a move in strategies away from being product focused to being more oriented toward platforms. Platform-driven strategies will be focused on creating powerful communities that will be more supportive toward customers and drive growth.

Developments in Big Data

Developments in big data will bring advancements in how we track customer history and preferences. This will help companies to better meet the needs of customers and improve their overall experiences. These improvements to customer service will prove to be very beneficial in how companies grow through customer interactions.

Developments in Chatbots

Advances in artificial intelligence will further improve chatbot technology. Often online customer support is not handled by an actual person but by an artificial intelligence. Developments in chatbot technology will improve the way that machines interact with humans and help to create a positive customer experience. Yet another way in which technology will help to improve customer service while at the same time making companies more efficient.

Developments in Standalone Credit Card Machines

Small businesses are increasing in their capacity for mobility. This is in many ways thanks to the rise of dedicated credit card readers. They are also incredibly beneficial to small businesses due to their low cost. The rise of credit card machines is great news for the entrepreneur who wishes to be able to be paid on the go.

Developments in Mobile Messaging

With the help of the personalization provided by big data, the coming years will see an improvement in the way companies communicate with customers through mobile messaging. Artificial intelligence will play a part in communicating with customers to improve their experience and meet their needs more successfully which will prove to be both beneficial for the client as well as the business.

Developments in Web Conferencing

Web conferencing applications such as Join.me and GoToMeeting are improving the way that companies are communicating with clients and potential customers. The visual feature of these applications helps to improve customer experience by providing a more personal approach. Further developments in this technology will help to improve the connection between company and client in the coming years.

Developments in Mobile Apps for Businesses

Advancements in mobile apps have shown significant improvements in the way that businesses conduct their day to day operations. Apps provide companies with mobile access to things such as CRM and shared documents. Mobile apps are also beneficial to making it easier to participate in web conferences and utilize IP phone systems to make and receive phone calls.

Developments in Ecommerce

The rise of ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and OpenCart have made it easier than ever to facilitate online shopping. This has proved to create a more convenient experience for customers as well as making it easier for businesses to move product.

These are some of the many ways in which businesses are continuing to advance in the way they utilize technology to improve their day to day operations and enhance customer engagement. If you are a business owner looking to stay on the cutting edge of technology and keep up with the ever changing terrain of the world of technology, you would be wise to utilize these resources as a way of staying competitive as well as remaining relevant to your customers.

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