4 Ways to Identify who Comes to your Website

on Thursday, 28 December 2017.

Marketing automation is now a common phrase that is thrown around in home offices and corporate hallways across the globe. Actually, with a functional marketing automation solution, your sales team would be literally balling. It's basically a software for capturing, nurturing, and delivering leads to sales teams. But some tech savvy businesses no longer need that!

No-drama Sales Teams

Many organizations have totally relied on content as the sole sales team, with no dramas. Using blogs, podcasts, webinars, emails, and sales letters can significantly increase your sales, but you must learn to do it right. It's critical to identify your website visitors and tailor your content to meet their specific needs.

But how do you achieve that? Here are four ways how:

1. Conventional Cookies

This is a pretty standard procedure and is quite straightforward. When someone lands on your website, you place a cookie on him/her. It's simply a tag that identifies the user, more like a bur that you pick when hiking deep in the woods. You can store the user identification number and track the visitor for future engagements. Think of a time you perused through a website looking for sexy lingerie, out of curiosity or perhaps you genuinely wanted to buy one, but then for several weeks, every site you visited popped up adverts of sexy lingerie.

2. Routine Referrers

You can also use referrers to identify the type of visitors coming to your website. For instance, using the keywords that users typed to locate your site can show you what kind of visitor you're dealing with. However, Google often hides a lot of these keywords, making it difficult to get the true picture.

You can make use of other referrers like:

  • Social media platforms
  • Devices
  • Search engines
  • Specific websites

3. Self-select Channel Choices

When you allow your visitors to select how they want to consume information, you empower them to take charge of the conversation and convert quickly. For example, you can create a list of questions on what they'll like you to solve for them. It's not about who they are but rather the specific needs they need solved. However, the path they choose to take will tell you something about them.

4. Mighty Membership Sites

This is a superior method over self-select channel choices, referrers, and cookies. Sign-ins in a membership site allows users to enter their details which are stored in their account. This means you'll be able to deliver precise content to them, no guesswork.

Bottom Line

Now, when you accurately identify the type of visitors coming to your page, it's easy to deliver precise content to them and improve your conversion rate. Keep tabs on this page for further information on how to create personalized content without bursting your budget.

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