Hotel Security

on Saturday, 02 June 2018.

Making guests feel secure during a stay is vitally important, in fact not only their security but also the security of their possessions.  Even high class hotels can be a target for crime both from within and without.  There is everything from organised crime to opportunists, but there is a lot that can be done to combat this threat.


Visual deterrents such as CCTV, alarm boxes and signs can help but there are limitations where CCTV can be used. When installing a CCTV system that is always difficult to balance privacy with security.  Most guests will like a CCTV door entry system so they can see who is the other side of the door before they open it.


Physical security

Despite all the advanced technology physical security is still the most effective method.

Consider offering guests their own safe to put valuables.

Implement entry systems using key cards.  Additionally most hotel key cards systems can be used as a marketing opportunity by printing the card with branding or a promotional message.

Please do have a security weakness in that they can easily be copied.  Keys can easily be smuggled of the premises and taken to shop with a key cutting service, or professionals may prefer to do it themselves.  It is also possible to copy a key from a photograph or a scan.  You can get custom hotel key cards from Print4hospitality.


Virtual / cyber security

People tend to overlook non-tangible security.  Today cyber attacks are probably one of the biggest threats, you should make sure hotel computer systems are separate from the guests Internet connection.  Also make sure there is adequate separation between each of the connections you provide to your clients.

Face recognition is a growing area and becoming increasingly accurate and can be used to warn of unidentified people on the premises.  Even some CCTV cameras are capable of facial recognition.

Marketing Services

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