How to handle poor customer reviews

on Thursday, 30 November 2017.

5 Key Steps to Handling Poor Reviews

As your business grows, you can expect to experience an increase in negative reviews. However, the ratio between good and bad reviews should always remain negligible. Below are five steps to help you properly handle poor reviews and ensure that the reputation of your business remains strong.

1) Acknowledge receipt of the complaint as soon as possible. This step is critical because it shows customers that you take negative reviews seriously. If the customer's poor review was submitted online, be sure to provide an online written acknowledgment that you received the review.

2) Thank the customer for remitting feedback and apologise for any inconvenience caused. This step shows that you value all of your customers, even those who voice negative reviews. Additionally, you demonstrate sincerity and your desire to maintain a high level of customer service.

3) Look into the complaint and identify the key issues. Be sure to find out all of the details as quickly as possible so they are not forgotten or overlooked. Take notes, as they can prove to be useful in identifying complaint patterns.

4) Attempt to resolve the situation. While not every customer issue can be fully resolved, you should always make a valiant effort to correct any errors or address any problems. Make sure you document the actions you took to resolve the issue.

5) Update the customer about the measures you took to resolve the issue. Ideally, you should personally reach out to the customer by phone and/or e-mail to share the steps you took to address their complaint. If the customer voiced a complaint online, make sure that you provide a polite, professional online update to the customer that references the resolution.

The Bottom Line

While it is never pleasant to receive a negative review, your business can grow and improve through constructive criticism. You should make an effort to learn from every review you receive - even the negative ones. By following the steps above, you can properly manage negative reviews and help prevent your business from developing a poor reputation. More importantly, you will show customers and prospects that you are committed to quality improvement.

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