How to Increase Hotel Sales Revenue

on Monday, 28 May 2018.

Set Goals

The online destination for any hotel is to increase visibility to potential guests.

When people look at accommodation options in your area you want the hotel to be front and center.

When someone searches "Hotels in London" in, you need to make sure that your hotel appears in search results on the first page.

In addition, you want your hotel to have good visibility based on reviews when someone visits their favorite Online Travel Agency (TripAdvisor, Expedia, Hotels).


Printed Literature

Get a good quality hotel brochure and set of marketing material done and distribute to local businesses and organisations.

Printed literature can have a direct impact on increasing hotel sales revenue.


Early bird promotions

The early bird recommendation is to get guests to book in advance.



These incentives can ensure you’re not forgotten after they carry out the initial research phase. It means you have a better chance they’ll book then and there.

For early booking, you can offer special discounts, but there are many options to consider.

For example, you could offer a ‘book by x and secure a complimentary breakfast.’ Or ‘book by x and get a free room upgrade.’

Or you could offer ‘book your Valentine’s table for two before January 30th and get a complimentary bunch of flowers.’


Try before your buy

Give people the opportunity to sample what you offer or bring a guest free of charge.  This type of promotion is a great way of encouraging people to try something new or entice

them away from another venue with no risk to them.


Take people on a virtual tour of your hotel

One of the biggest barriers that people face in choosing a hotel is knowing what their room will look like. By providing a virtual tour, you’ll give your prospects an idea of what they should expect so that they can visualize the value of what you can provide immediately.

How to do a virtual tour


Keep Track of Guests with a CRM

In the hospitality industry, nothing is more important than your guests. Knowing how to best serve them and communicate with them is key to having them come back. CRM software empowers you to serve your guests well by storing all their information in one place, allowing you to personalize their experience and ensure a return visit.


Ask for reviews

During the peak travel season you have the opportunity to amass online reviews – make sure you aren’t dropping the ball, because reviews are often the deciding factor for a traveler choosing one hotel over another. Whether you politely ask at check-out or email post-stay surveys to guests, every guest should be invited to provide feedback about their stay.

Having multiple positive reviews on Trip Advisor is extremely important. Hotels with lots of reviews can attract new guests due to popularity. In this article, Mark lists four ways to ask guests to review your hotel. Keep in mind that it’s not permissible to ask for positive reviews, but if you provide a good service, reviewers should leave a good review.

Although you’re busy, it’s also important to watch for online reviews about your property and continue to respond to negative feedback promptly and appropriately, as more eyes will be reading them during the high season.



If yours is a destination that sees plenty of weddings, run a honeymoon or wedding package deal. Include different elements, like shuttle and transport, as well as access to your function room and catering.

To get the word out, strike deals with wedding planners in the area.

Make what you offer attractive and be careful not to give away too much, otherwise this could have a negative impact on increasing hotel sales revenue.


Loyalty schemes

Rewarding your guests for staying with you is a great way to get them to come back. There’s no need to confuse them with points. Make it simple.

For example, you could say that they will get their 5th stay free, for example. When you’re looking to dive occupancy, send out an email blast, letting them know that if they stay with you before a particular date, you will cross out 2 stays instead of 1, getting them closer to that 5th free stay.


Deliver a great experience

Obviously people are more likely to hold their event with you again if everything runs smoothly. Event planners have a lot to think about, aside from just choosing your facility to host their meeting and reserve rooms at. They have to plan attendees, seating, catering, key speakers, the agenda etc. Their life will be made much easier, and they’ll appreciate your property a lot more, if you can provide them a seamless and hassle-free booking experience.

With technology playing such a huge role in the online booking experience you need to make it easy for the event guests to reserve their rooms and make key arrangements around the meeting.

The less the planner has to get involved here the happier they’ll be so make sure your hotel has a great booking engine with seamless integration to your website.

One of the most important things you also need to remember is that planners are often running on a strict deadline. Nothing will annoy them more than delayed communication. It’s imperative that you respond to any enquiry as soon as possible and never more than 24 hours from the asking.

If you do everything right, you’ll increase your chances of referral and repeat business.


Introductory Offers

Is one of your leads on the fence? Get them in the door by offering them a special introductory rate. Better yet, add a time-sensitive discount to their proposal that incentivizes them to respond by a certain date. Be sure to tell them this is a one-time deal that you don’t offer to just anyone. They’ll feel like they are getting an inside rate.


Market during events

Capitalize on the events already taking place at your hotel. If you can, introduce yourself to the relevant parties and make yourself available. You can even place some literature around the entrance or exit in case you catch an attendee’s eye who wants to learn more.

Remember: The best marketing is word of mouth. So don’t forget that your event space is your strongest ad on the big day.


Content Marketing

Use your website, blog, social media and newsletters to excite your customers about their prospective summer travel experience. In addition to freshening up website content to highlight your property’s summer appeal, and promoting your summer packages and promotions, provide helpful content across your digital channels about your favourite local beaches, the best restaurant patios, local events and festivals, scenic walking trails, and outdoor activities and attractions.

Search engines love this kind of relevant, helpful content because it’s exactly what travelers are googling this time of year.


Update Your Web with Seasonal Content

  • Promote seasonal events, activities, or local products on your blog. For example, write posts on:
    • The best pumpkin patches, corn mazes, haunted houses, and other fall related activities in [Your Location]
    • Local Events like pumpkin carving competitions, cider or beer festivals, etc.
    • The most beautiful places to see fall foliage
    • The best hikes or bike trips to take before it gets too cold
    • Where to buy the best locally made fall sweaters, mittens, and more
    • The best fall farmers markets
    • Vineyard/Winery harvest or “crush” events
  • Highlight Seasonal Recipes: If you’re a bed & breakfast, highlight any seasonal recipes you serve, either through photographs on your “Dining” page, a sample menu, or via blog post under your ‘Recipes’ category. Anything featuring butternut squash, apples, cranberries, or brussel sprouts should be front and center!
  • Create an original Local “Fall Guide”: If you are following our advice, you are likely already writing timely fall-themed blog content. Your concierge or innkeeper is also likely sharing the best fall-related advice with your guests. Turn your recommendations into one comprehensive Fall Guide as a blog post or a series of blog posts that you put under a category of “Fall guide to [your area]”. The guide should include the best places to eat, shop, and visit during the fall season.
  • Post photos on Facebook and Instagram of the beautiful fall colors on your property, any fall decorations you put up, or the autumn-inspired seasonal meals you cook your guests.


Get Involved in Local Community

  • Donate to Local Auctions: Fall is a huge fundraising season, so donate stays at your hotel or B&B to local auctions. You can raise awareness about your property while also doing good.
  • Sponsor a Team: Fall is also a new sports season. Consider sponsoring a local team.
  • Team up with local businesses to host events or offer promotions
  • Lend your space: Reach out to a favorite local charity, like an animal shelter, and offer them your space for a fundraising event.


Personalize your message as often as possible

Hotel companies have access to a huge cache of data concerning their customers’ preferences, and the best organizations use this info to deliver intensely personalized messages that keep their guests coming back time after time. Take this example featuring Ritz-Carlton: When a family’s young child left a stuffed animal at a Ritz-Carlton property, not only did the parents receive the toy mailed to their home a couple of days later, but also received a series of photos showing the stuffed animal on various adventures throughout the hotel (essentially a targeted marketing message designed to let the family know what they could look forward to on their next visit).



Consumers become more attracted to your business and less attracted to your competition when they have the possibility of receiving something for free. Giveaway items can include your company’s staple products, seasonal items (such as beach towels, flip flops, or sunscreen), technology devices (such as a tablet), gift cards to non-competing businesses, or other items branded with your company’s logo.

When determining what items to use for a giveaway promotion, businesses should consider the following three criteria: cost, intrigue, and branding ability. Handing out overly expensive items will obviously offset the anticipated new business received as a result of using a give away. However, distributing fewer items to a selected target audience is more effective than giving out a high volume of items to a wide audience. It is best to provide prospects with items of value that they can use more than once. Some examples of practical giveaway items are car USB chargers, lip balm, reusable water bottles, hand sanitizer, touch screen cleaning cloths, and reusable tote bags. Be sure that the items you use for giveaways can be branded in a way that makes your company’s logo or tagline easily visible to consumers.

To incorporate a giveaway into your business’s marketing strategy, require that prospects “like” your company’s Facebook page or retweet a post from your company’s Twitter feed in order to be entered into the contest. Offer additional entries for users who follow your company on more than one social media channel, share the giveaway, tag your company in photos/posts, etc. Doing so will increase your business’s social media traffic, which adds value that will extend far beyond the summer season. Overall, giveaways are a great approach to engaging with your current customers and acquiring new ones.


Promote your location

While your winter travelers may be more interested in staying inside, summer travelers want to get out. Focus your social media posts on local historical sites, things to do outdoors, and shopping areas. Don’t forget to include a little something for everyone in the family. Mom and Dad might decide on the hotel, but Junior is the catalyst for that choice.


Recover Abandoned Reservations

if you really want to boost your hotel sales revenue this is the place to start.  If all else fails at least try to figure out what went wrong and how you can prevent it happening in the future.

Nearly three out of four consumers abort their purchases. In the hotel industry, the abort rate is higher still. Therefore, reservation recovery procedures are essential since the target audience consists of qualified potential customers interested in staying at your hotel. To recover potential customers, it is crucial to ask for their email address as soon as possible in the reservation process and to include a newsletter subscription checkbox. As soon as potential customers abort their reservation, send them an email to try to convince them to follow through with their aborted reservation. A second email can include a small discount to drive the sale. In a third email, you can offer a slightly bigger discount. Don’t let a revenue source slip through your fingers!


Use Social Media

Saturate the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for your brand name – All the major search engines are moving towards displaying search results from your website and all the major social media and news channels. It is imperative that the hotel has presence in all these channels to dominate the search engine results page. The example below shows you the Universal Search Results page from Google when “Milestone Internet” is typed in the search engine. In our opinion, social media optimization is the next generation of Internet marketing. Search Engines give higher relevance to businesses connected through different social media channels resulting in higher placement in search engines.


Keep your website simple

Offer concise and relevant information. Make it visually appealing in a way that it represents the business spirit of your hotel. Make sure the most relevant information (contact, short info and booking buttons) are put on the homepage and visible.


Pay-per-click Advertising

Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding pay-per-click, it is a great way to stimulate popularity results for your site. Your site’s popularity is a major factor in search engine rankings; pay-per-click can provide your site with temporary increased popularity until your site obtains good generic search ranking.

A well-researched and well-managed pay-per-click advertising program almost always provides a great return-on-investment. You can establish a monthly budget to limit your financial exposure; even very low budgets produce results. It’s a great way to dominate your competition on the web. You can make your hotel dominant against the competition.

Marketing Services

In addition to business credit checks we provide a wide range of business services including business to business data cleansing and a wide range of other business services.