What To Include In A Brochure

on Monday, 27 November 2017.

Deciding what needs to be included in a company brochure mostly isn’t a very easy job, the content can be hard to capture and create and there are often differences in opinions.

Creating a good brochure isn’t easy but it’s well worth doing.

We decided to put down a bird’s eye picture of what needs to be included as a minimum, we will cover three types of brochure –

  1. General company overview brochure
  2. Event brochure
  3. Product brochure

Keep in mind you will need to adapt to your specific requirements.

You should reserve the front and back cover including the inside page (i.e. the reverse of the cover) for key information and your unique selling proposition. Also write down an objective or goal before you start, this will help to colour the project throughout. 

  1. General company overview brochure

Start by defining an objective, for instance do you want customers to come and visit you? If so you should include an accurate address and directions, pictures and notes of nearby landmarks can help people find where you are. Be sure to include a phone number so if they get lost they can give you a call for directions.

  1. Event brochure

In many ways an event brochure is very similar to a company overview brochure, you still need to provide location information and ways to contact you. Make sure people know what the event is about and what they will get when they attend.

  1. Product brochure

The front and back of the brochure should clearly illustrate and promote the product or service and the key benefits. Make sure the product and services front and centre of the brochure and your contact details and method of ordering is relatively low-key although it must be easy to see.

If it is directly selling a product or service you should tell them the next step you want them to take and make sure it is clear how to order.

Generally, it is best to just display your logo on the front cover possibly a phone number and web address. The reverse cover should have more detailed contact information but make sure the product or service is the most prominent thing displayed on the page.

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