Company Credit Reports

Know the Credit Status of Your Prospects and Customers

It has never been more important to understand the financial status about your customers, unfortunately people are normally only honest about their financial condition when things are okay, more often than not the first time you realise anything is wrong is when a bill hasn’t been paid and they no longer answer the phone.


Our company credit reports give extensive data including (where available): -

  • Company Credit Rating & Limit
  • Ltd & Plc Data
  • Partnerships & Sole Trader Data
  • Up to 5 Years Financials
  • Director & Ownership Info
  • CCJ Data
  • Directors and shareholder data
  • Company mortgages info
  • Full registered company details
  • Monitoring (with email alerts)
  • Get online 24/7 (including weekends and bank holidays)
  • PDF download


It should be specifically noted we can provide information on partnerships and sole traders, the information is of course more restricted due to constraints on information available but we are still able to calculate credit score rating in most cases.


We strive to provide excellent customer service and if you have a specific concern about a company we can do extra checks and provide you with recommendations on how to proceed.

When you start dealing with someone for the first time it is always advisable to run a credit check as it can highlight things you didn’t know and should keep an eye on.


Warning Signs

  • Only Received Part Payment
  • Increasing Delay Being Paid
  • Rapid Increase in Purchasing Frequency and/or Volume
  • Key Staff Leaving

This isn’t an exhaustive list but if you get one or more you should definitely consider running a company credit report as a matter of priority. Check out our blog post 3 signs that a company is going under.


Company credit reports have additional uses apart from debt control, they can reveal links between companies and valuable market insights which is useful for competitive research, customer intelligence and marketing at large.

If you are using company credit checks for debt control purposes we strongly advise running a reports no more than six months apart and the higher the risk involved the more often reports should be run.  If you have a large customer list which makes it unrealistic to run a full report on each of your customers we do bulk checks cherry picking key information such as credit score and credit limit.


Does the company actually exist? And if so, is it still afloat or has it gone bankrupt? Will you lose money if you give that company credit? Would you like to know if that company is credit-worthy? There are possibly 100's of questions you could ask, but would you like to make an informed decision?

With an APART-DATA Company Credit Report we will give you a full detailed report with up-to-date information on any UK business.


What actually is a company credit report?

More information

Pricing Options


This is quite simply a discount for bulk purchases. All credits are valid for one year from purchase. You can purchase a single Company Credit Report or quantities of 25 to 500 Company Credit Reports with or without Monitoring. Contracts can be negotiated for larger quantities - contact the Sales Team.


Annual Contract

We have several bespoke packages to suit your needs, call one of our sales team to discuss your requirements and we will build you a custom package that fits around you and your company.

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In addition to business credit checks we provide a wide range of business services including business to business data cleansing and a wide range of other business services.