Data Cleaning Services

What is data cleaning?

Data cleaning is an essential part of marketing. Apart-Data offer data cleaning services to clean up the data you currently hold to help ensure accuracy; inaccurate data is not only expensive but ineffective. This will result in lost profit off the bottom line; research shows that business databases will go out of date by as much as 24% each year!

So if your database is two or more years old, almost half the addresses could be out of date. Therefore only half your mail shot will get to the intended address - hence costing you twice as much as it should!

Benefits of Data Cleaning

  • Increased access to your prospects and customers
  • Save money on marketing communications that wouldn't get there
  • Free up time to spend on getting more customers
  • Gain new business from the changes you find


You have two main options for data cleaning:-

1. Systems Based - this uses highly specialised equipment to validate and update your data

2. People Based - we use highly experienced staff to contact your prospects and customers to update your records

The data cleaning services we provide a unique two every customer, we will append remove and update data where applicable.

We have systems that can quickly check large volumes of information against central databases additionally we can test some other types of information such as email addresses to see if they are still active. If you opt for a premium service we will contact the people individually and update the information on the database, this is particularly useful businesses with long purchase cycles.

All business data gets out of date, the key thing is maintaining it and making sure you keep track of your desired contact for your customers and prospects, if you have ever done any serious outbound marketing campaign you will realise how frustrating and how much time is lost on data that is inaccurate or out of date.

We have recently added a GDPR signup management service to our data cleaning services, working on your behalf we will attempt to get people explicitly signed up to receive marketing information from you. For further information see our blog post on Creating a GDPR friendly database.

The services we provide are customised to suit your needs so why not contact us now to discuss your needs.

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Marketing Services

In addition to business credit checks we provide a wide range of business services including business to business data cleansing and a wide range of other business services.