How we can help with discount brochure printing

We provide professional discount brochure printing. Did you know you are probably doing your product or service an injustice!

To state the obvious every business has products or services to sell and your brand image is important. Printed booklets have many advantages over standard single page leaflets, they look more professional and higher quality, they often stand out better and of course you can include a lot more information.

We print both standard and bespoke jobs, below is our standard price list, for bespoke work please contact us.

All that orders are subject to a £12 carriage charge to UK mainland addresses. Highlands, Islands and remote areas will be delivered at the cost of carriage to us or you can arrange collection.


Need professional graphic design for your discount brochure printing?

We have a team of highly experienced qualified graphic designers who can work with you to produce the brochure of your dreams! Prices start at £50 per page for brochures, additional services such as copywriting and photography are available at an additional charge.


Artwork Requirements

To start work on your discount brochure printing we require artwork in print ready PDF format and it must include crop marks and bleed. You also must make sure it is in high DPI (minimum is normally 600 dpi).


What are crop marks and bleed

Crop marks ensure accurate register (aka alignment) for printing and finishing. They provide a guide mark for the machine operators to align the equipment.


Crop marks

This is what a single crop mark looks like

or sometimes they look like this…

Crop marks are applied to each corner of the paper to guide the machines and the machine operators.

After the crop marks are added it will look a bit like this…

When the job is completed including folding, guillotining (trimming) and bound often using saddle stitching (aka stapling) the finished job will look like this…



This has nothing to do with the red stuff! Bleed is a term used by printers and refers to the excess paper that is not required on a print job, the bleed area is often used to handle the paper to prevent rollers and similar from touching the main print area. It removed in the final stages of finishing.



Marketing Services

In addition to business credit checks we provide a wide range of business services including business to business data cleansing and a wide range of other business services.